"We have puppies available"
Breeder of the most outstanding
German Shepherd puppies in the world.
Vet checked, first shots, microchipped, guaranteed.

Black and Tan pups
$2000 full AKC registration (
breeding rights)
limited AKC registration $1750.00 (no breeding rights)

shipping and delivery available


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4774 Lake Manuka Rd.
Gaylord, MI. 49735

Dale and Jill Browning
(989) 732-2075

Browning's Eye of the Tiger

The Avenger

german shepherds for sale

The finest Home Security, that never fails!!!!!

Browning's eye of the Tiger "Sparky"


Sparky and Gemma
had their puppies!!
7 males - 4 females

pups born Jan 12, 2018
ready for homes
March 16, 2018
all Black and Tan

German Shepherd puppies for sale


German Shepherd puppys available
Gemma and Sparky pups born
January 12th, 1018

puppies with new homes


Meet some of The Browning Girls (our breeding female's)


Browning's Black Lava "Lava"

Lava is amazing, very sweet loves all people, she is gentle with all pups
even if they are not hers, she does have a protective side always on
alert and lets us know whenever there is strangers present, she makes
a good guard "Love" dog.

AKC registered

OFA certified "Good"



Browning's Von Der Blitz

AKC# DN27260209
OFA# gs-86146g24f-vpi

Jessy Jane is beautiful confident and funny, always keeps us laughing or saying AWWW, she is very sweet and loves sitting in our office chairs, sometimes I think she secretly uses the computer....... at least she is guarding the computer :).

85 lbs


Browning's Silly Lilly
OFA "good"
DM results normal
Lilly is one of our Alpha's she gets along very well with all the pack, and knows her place, Lilly is very protective of her home and family.

Lilly likes to lead.

Browning's Silly Lilly


Browning's Desert Storm "LiA"

AKC # DN24399906
OFA # GS-84543G24F-VPI
MC # OA116B4106

Morgan and Lia (our twins) are wonderful loving kind sweet, just really nice smart German Shepherds, easy to train and both girls have even temperaments always wantinng to please, Lia is very Loyal and wants to please always she love's children and othe animals.



Browning's "I am Legend" Morgan

AKC # DN24399907
OFA # GS-84564G24F-VPI

LIA AND MORGAN (our twins) are wonderful loving sweet, nice smart German Shepherds, easy to train and both girls have even temperaments and they have such soft coats.



Browning's Rio L.V.

AKC # DN31794801
OFA #GS-89779G27F-VPI

Rio is our traditional German Shepherd, Rio is the perfect family GSD, loves children and other dogs.

just plain happy to be part of our pack.

she is the perfect GSD, Smart and Loyal.

90 lbs


Nyla X1V

AKC # DN33160103
OFA# GS-89862G24F-VPI

"Nyla" is a Morgan and Justice girl, she is fearless...with the perfect family temperament, she loves children and other dogs, she is very smart and Loyal.

NYLA is always on gaurd here at Browning Haus.

100 pounds



Browning's Black Gold "Elley May"

AKC# DN29455504
OFA# GS-88020G24F-VPI

Elley may is as sound as they come, she has a wonderful family temperament , one of the leaders of our pack, she is strong and stands up to anything,.

She loves Children and small dogs, she is sweet and just an easy going girl.


96 lbs


Browning's Black Lace "Lady"
AKC # DN27132401
OFA # GS-86045G24F-VPI

Lady is a daughter of Lacie and Odin.
Lady is always wanting to please, always ready for her pet, she loves to sleep at our feet.
Her pups from her will make wonderful working and family protection dogs.
Lady loves to be around Children, she thinks she is one, she is also very good with other dogs.

95 lbs


Browning's Oasis LV2
AKC # DN21143303
OFA # GS-863050F48F-VPI

Sadie is a solid black. Sadie is a daughter of Mirage and Storm.
Sadie has Storms drive and size and Mirage's temperament and size.
Sadie is a 115 pound lacquer black German Shepherd.
she will produce very large muscular German Shepherds.
Pups from her will make wonderful working and family protection dogs.
Sadie is very good with other dogs and especially loves Children.
she insist on being center of the pack and has an awesome ball drive.

125 lbs.


Browning's Tears of Arlington
AKC # DN18972806
OFA# GS-83097G35F-VPI
DNA# V596957

Sheila is a high drive aim to please easy learner devoted
German Shepherd, Sheila has a wonderful temperament and
is very social she loves the water, (Sheila sleeps during
her bath).

She is always on guard and one of the first out the door
when there is a knock or a new car in the driveway.
Sheila keeps us laughing during the day and
keeps our feet warm at night.

110 lbs.


Browning's Thunder Rose
AKC # DN27132402

Rose is solid black German Shepherd.. Rose is a daughter of Laci and Odin.
Rose is a mild temperament Girl, always looking for her pet job.She is truley a Charm when it comes to protection.
Pups from her will make wonderful working and family protection dogs.
Rose is very good with other dogs and loves Children.
she is hoping to someday be our Alpha and just might be up to that challenge.

80 lbs

Browning's Storm chaser ti
AKC # DN22451806
DNA #V596542
OFA # GS-84070G29F-PI

Abigale (ABA DABA DOO) is one of our Alpha's she gets along very well with all the pack, and knows her place, Abbey loves to be at my side and and loves to take walks and ride's in the car. Abbey is my big protector she is fearful of nothing.

she is the GSD you would meet first at the front door, she has no fear and would always protect her family and other pack members.

100 lbs.

Browning Haus German Shepherds produces the finest quality German Shepherd puppies available nation wide
Browning Haus puppies are whelped and raised in our home, we provide puppies and adult dogs for 
pets, companionship, security, law enforcement, family protection, or just a good buddy. We breed Solid Black German Shepherds.

Deposits: $100 holds a puppy in pick order for you.

Browning Haus German Shepherds
4774 Lake Manuka Rd.
Gaylord, MI 49735

Phone: (989) 732-2075

Deposits are non-refundable


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Browning Haus is a German Shepherd Breeder located in Northern Michigan. We are  Breeders of World Class family pet and protection German Shepherd dogs. All dogs and German shepherd puppies are raised in our home, we live on 100 acres of hardwood forest with 5 acres fenced. Our German shepherd puppy's are all Veterinarian checked  and given their appropriate shots.
Browning Haus is always updating our German shepherd kennels, we are installing up to date bathing and grooming facilities this fall in our heated German shepherd dog kennel.
Browning Haus takes Pride being the World Class  German shepherd breeders in the United States.

We have German shepherd pups available throughout the year.
We have black and Tan German Shepherds we also have solid black German shepherds

Thank you for visiting our site.

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